School During the Covid Pandemic

We have made some short presentations detailing the re-opening plans for school. These are best downloaded to a computer for the embedded videos to work. If you view them in your browser on a phone or tablet the embedded videos will not play.

Please read these instructions before following the link to the videos.

  • Follow the link below and download the Lower School file if you are in Y7-Y11 or the Sixth Form file if you are in Y12 or Y13.
  • Open the presentation. It will play automatically. Wait to listen to the talking on each slide.
  • Listen to what is said and read the slides, using your arrow keys to go forwards and backwards if you need to.
  • When you get to a video, listen to the instructions first and then click on the video to play it.

Download the presentations here

Phased reopening plans and risk assessment

Student Handbook for a safe return

Absence guide